Ajurweda - Healthy life

Monday, August 14, 2017

Would you like to bring your body and mind to balance?

Would you like to Eat healthy without following any strict diet?

All these without spending a fortune on supplements and super foods and time consuming meal plans? Or do you also feel confused with new health trends and looking for some simple common sense tips to improve your energy and vitality plus general physical and mental health?

Be our guest and come to the Introductory Session about Ayurveda (sister of yoga and ancient Indian medicine) Gain a few new tips how to lead healthy life according to changing seasons, life spam and your own specific body and emotional / mental characteristics.

The session will be led by Asia who has been using Ayurveda and learning about it in the past 2 years and would like to share her knowledge with you. ‘’Ayurveda is gaining more and more popularity in the West and it helped me to really improve my own health and first of all feel better plus I really like how simple it is ‘’ says Asia.


Doors open: 18:15

Event starts: 18:45