Conscious saving - real estates

Monday, February 12, 2018

Do you want to buy a house or a flat? 

What is important when buying?

Are you thinking about buying to rent but you do not know where to start?

During our next meeting in the series of "conscious saving" we will answer to the above and all your questions regarding the subject of real estates in Great Britain.

! ️You will learn, among others:! ️
- The benefits of owning a house
- Pros and cons of mortgage loans
- How to get a loan
- Examples of loan instalments

The meeting will be led by Kasia, whose first meeting was full of energy and professional & practical knowledge.

Kasia is a positive finance specialist with 10 years of experience in commercial banking in Great Britain. Kasias guest will be Adam Mitula, an experienced entrepreneur and real estate specialist.

We invite everyone interested. It does not matter if you are ready now to buy real estate, you will get useful information for you and your family anyway.

Open doors: 18.15 
The beginning of the meeting: 18.45 
End of the meeting: 20.30

After the meeting, a joint integration in a nearby pub for volunteers;) 

Free meeting!

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