Juicing for beginners

Monday, November 20, 2017

How can you include all necessary vitamins in your diet if you do not like to eat vegetables?

What are the benefits of juices and what mistakes to avoid while making your first juice?

Can you just have a juice and feel full?

We will respond to these and many more questions next Monday. As every third Monday of the month, we focus on health, and juicing is on the top of its popularity now. 

During the meeting, you will not only learn how to start your adventure with fruit and vegetable mixtures, but first of all, you will have the opportunity to taste great recipes prepared by enthusiastic juicer, trainer of personal development, Jakub Gościnny.

The meeting will focus on practical knowledge, you will learn how to use a simple juicer, how to keep it clean and what are the costs associated with juicing.

There are only a few days left before the meeting, so please share this event with all your friends who may be interested in a healthy lifestyle or would like to make a simple positive change on a daily basis. The event is family friendly, children are welcome!

Door open: 18.15
Meeting start: 18.45