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Learn more about Hate Crime

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

As a part of 'Get Together and Feel Safe' project we would like to run a social campaign related to the Hate Crime issue. Now, during the Hate Crime Awareness Week, is the highest time to inform people about what a hate crime is and how to report it. We believe that every person without exception should feel safe in the place chosen as home.  No matter whether it is a "temporary" or "forever" home. No matter whether a person is from Poland or from Spain. No matter whether a person is a Black or White. We all need to act against hate crime in order to build safer, more open and more friendly neighbourhood for ourselves. 

We would like to share a short presentation in which you will find practical information about hate crime types, hate crime definition and hate crime reporting. To see or download a presentation click the link below:

Together we can achieve more!