Poland, New York and Liverpool celebrated the magical time of All Souls Jazz Night at Frederiks!

Monday, December 1, 2014

If you didn’t make it to Frederik’s on Hope Street last Thursday night, unfortunately you missed something special! It was a FULL HOUSE as Merseyside Polonia presented New York jazz man Sean Noonan & Polish string quartet Gamblers Hand in the ‘spirit’ of All Souls Night.

Polish All Souls Day (Zaduszki) is the main holiday commemorating the dead in Poland, it is mostly pagan in character and it was believed that during the days of Zaduszki, the spirits of deceased relatives visited their old homes. In more modern times, All Souls Night celebrations have been inseparably partnered with live jazz music. Frederik’s, with its open fireplace, was the perfect homely setting for this major commemoration of Polish culture and guests who arrived early enough feasted on a specially prepared menu of Polish goulash with an accompaniment of beetroot, before the venue sold out!

In keeping with Merseyside Polonia’s mission – to encourage positive relations between the region’s local community and Polish residents – Liverpool jazz/rock band Glossom warmed up the crowd in spectacular fashion with a mix of fantastic original tracks, showcasing their originality and energy, plus well-known favourites.Then it was time for Sean and Gamblers Hand, who were in Liverpool as part of their European tour and had arrived in the city only hours earlier. They took to the stage shortly after 9pm. With Sean’s trademark theatrics and the classical talents of this stunning Polish string quartet, featuring violin, cello and viola, the audience was transported on a journey through song and mythical storytelling with punk energy. There was a specially prepared set about the legend of Skarbnik, the treasurer of the mines in Poland, who made the decision on whether to save miners from the perils of the pits or let them perish. We thank Sean and the quartet for its creation. The show wrapped up before midnight

Gareth Elliott, who plays bass in Glossom, doubled as project manager for the event. He said: “It was certainly a unique night – a cross between a few cultures and we had an incredibly appreciative audience. We actually had a lot of people asking if this could be monthly series of events which for me, proved it was a success and that there’s a place for this type of event to become a regular feature on the Liverpool live music scene.”

The event was also the first for Anna from Bydgoszcz, Poland who is new to Merseyside Polonia and to Liverpool. She said: “It was a great first experience to see how different cultures come together in Liverpool. It showed me that in this city, being Polish also means I can be part of how the city comes together to celebrate its different cultures. Being a Pole in Liverpool means I can bring something of my culture from home which will be enjoyed by local people.”

Gareth added: “As an immigrant myself from Northern Ireland, as well as a musician, I felt I wanted to contribute and support Polonia in what they do and share my skills as well as learn from them. To be honest, I’ve never seen a performance like that where it’s the drummer (Noonan) who coordinates the string quartet. Sean was completely in control and it was extremely tight. Basically, a brilliant performance!”

If you didn't manage to come to the event, or if you want to hear something extra here is Honorata Mikolajew from International Radio Merseyside interviewing the artists and participants of All Souls Night.


Gambler's Hand were also pleased with the show and said it was great to know Merseyside Polonia and work with such a well organized group!

So, if you missed this event, be sure to join in our three-part Polish/English Christmas celebrations, beginning with Wiliga on Tuesday, December 2.

During this week you'll have a unique opportunity to make your own Christmas decorations, sing Christmas carols, and taste delicious home made Polish and English Christmas dishes! Come and join Merseyside Polonia in three magical and festive events:

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