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The Quirks of English Culture

Monday, April 16, 2018

Why British ask how are you? 
Why Polish make faux pas when they meet British?
Why do Poles need to learn how to read between the lines?
About breaking the ice, Polish / English habits and not only we will tell you on 16th of April at 6.30pm.

My name is Honorata I studied film direction, knowledge of culture and film and media in Lodz. I worked on the radio in Poland, I was 2 years in the USA and over 7 years in the UK where I work for NHS. But my biggest passion is to organise the events that's why I'm one of the owners of the Big Adventure cinema.

On 16th of April, I will be announcing a new series of events called “LIVERPOOL TALKS ABOUT CULTURE” which is part of Merseyside Polonia Monday meetings.


Paul Hudspith
"I'm 44yrs old. Born in Kendal, UK. Lived all over UK and now settled in Liverpool .I’m an airline crew for British Airways working long haul flights. My experience of Polish culture is a number of visits to Poland. My best friend Dominic Raza is Polish and lives in Warsaw. We met when we both lived in London. I lived in west London - and in Ealing and close to a very large Polish church. "

Tomek Rygielski
"I work as a Research Support Office at the University of Liverpool. I was born in Poland (Bydgoszcz) and moved to the UK when I was 4 years old. I attended school and university in the UK and I used to go to Polish Saturday school in London (my mum was a teacher there). I spent a year in Krakow when I was a student. I have a wife and daughter and we go on holiday to Poland every year, to visit family and for my daughter to be around the language and culture"

Marta and Tom Gibbins
"I'm from a small town in Mazovia, Tom was born in London, but raised in Scotland. We met in 2010 in Liverpool, just before I left to the USA for a year. Despite many stories along the way and differences (existing to this day) we got married, and in 2016 our daughter Pola was born, which we try to educate in both cultures. And it is interesting "

Maja Lorkowska - last but not least!
"I 'm from Bydgoszcz, I moved to England at the age of 12, for 8 I lived in Manchester with my parents, and for the last 5 in Liverpool. I studied fine arts and art research, I wrote a master's thesis about Polish modern art. Now I work in a small company that produces mobile applications and services for the NHS. At work, I've met an English guy with whom I have been for over 2 years. We have just moved in together to a new apartment."


Everyone is welcome! Free entry
Doors open at 6.15 pm
The event starts at 6.45 pm
16th of April 2018 in Merseyside Polonia