Surreal Healing & Spiritual Empowerment for Dreamers

Monday, February 19, 2018

What if we were more related to each other than you could possibly imagine? What if as ‘within as without’ meant much more than what the mind could conceive? What if we were really literally one?

In this practical workshop, Sandra Guedes will share the surprising and unexpected things she has learned along her journey chasing dreams and overcoming challenges. Without any psychedelic drugs, this workshop is going to take you to a whole different dimension – at least of understanding. The goal is to defy the barriers of separation, embrace those around you as a part of you and explore how our differences unite us.

There’s a reality that can’t be explained, a truth that must be lived, and this workshop is challenging both. Are you ready?

And... who is Sandra?
Sandra Guedes is a Portuguese-born citizen who read too many adventure books and fell in love with Indiana Jones. She dreamt of being a journalist who walked on different lands, heard different stories, ate different foods. A stranger in a strange land living between the edge of the unknown and cultural ecstasy, sharing it with the world. Now, over 30 countries and many dreams later, she discloses the secrets and the lessons the world has taught her and shares them with you to make sure you live your dreams to their full extent too 

Oh, and the best part of it, the entry is per conscious donation. The suggested amount is £10, but you can donate more or less. Listen to your heart, it knows best. This value does not cover what you are going to learn or how much healing you will get out of this workshop. The goal is simply to create means to empower others as you will be empowered. It's "a pay it forward" policy.

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