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Traveler's Club - Africa Point

Monday, May 8, 2017

Holiday in Africa? Not only ... it's also an exciting expedition to the truth about a mankind. To be a traveller is not a choice. Traveling is a need coming from curiosity. Travel does not take the desire from the need to change a place to rest, take a break from life and to take some cool photos. This is the inner yearning for connecting with other worlds. Not only world of nature. It is about the worlds closed in the souls encountered in the people we met on the way.


On Monday, 8th May we will join a unique travels club, for a travel to Africa! Our guests published numerous publications; have years of experience in organizing expeditions and huge passion for exploring the world.

The plan includes:

  • Reading of Dominique Skurzak on Africa as the least disturbed continent in the world, Africa as a mirror for Western civilization: looking at us from the middle of the African bush
  • African experiences and reflections by Sergiusz and Magda Pinkwart
  • Presentation of the Africa-Point project and how it all began with the Gambia
  • Brief overview of the project and all destinations with the new Israeli direction
  • Projection of films about expeditions
  • Questions and discussion with the audience

During the meetings we will have a lottery! Winner will get  50% discount on Africa-Point expedition to Gambia, Kenya, Guinea, Uganda, Israel or Morocco. The second winner will get 25% discount. Applies to any dates  on "terms and prices of expeditions" on the page WWW.AFRICA-POINT.COM

Free tickets for this unique event can be found here: 

The number of tickets is unfortunately limited so register now!


Briefly about our guests:

Dominik Skurzak – African raised photo reporter, journalist, publicist and publisher. Creator of Africa-Point expeditions, National Geographic writer, writer of guide book "Gambia-Kraina Uśmiechu" (co-authors Magdalena and Sergiusz Pinkwart). His book was awarded first place for the illustrated tour guide at the International Book Fair in May 2015 in Warsaw (National Geographic Publishing House). Since 2012, he has been primarily involved in travel photography, addressing the issue of cultural diversity between Europe, Asia and Africa.

Private author's website  :

Magdalena Pinkwart – Journalist, travel organizer, author of guides for the Knowledge and Life, and National Geographic. Together with her husband Sergiusz writes travel guides and books for children. Author of the popular youth series "Drakulcio is in trouble" published by the Akapit Press. She worked as editor and deputy editor in magazines: Super TV, Cyfrowy Polsat magazine, Ona i Styl, Dobry Tydzień. She publishes in magazines: National Geographic Traveler, Kuchnia, Olivia, Podróże. Together with Sergiusz and their 3-years-old son Wilhelm, they run a travel blog, as well as broadcasts on Polish Radio for Children, „Dziecko w drodze” and „Jak dorosnę będę wielki”.

Sergiusz Pinkwart – Journalist, traveler, classical musician, author of „Cień Kilimandżaro”, „Klub racjonalistek” (Albatros Publishing), children's books, and guides for National Geographic. He worked as head of foreign department in magazines: Gala, Viva!, PANI. He made nearly 500 interviews with world stars of film, music, sports and politics. He publishes in magazines: National Geographic Traveler, Kuchnia and Goniec Polski. Together with his wife and 3-years-old son Wilhelm, they run a travel blog, As well as broadcasts in Polish Radio for Children - “Dziecko w drodze” and “Jak dorosnę będę wielki”

Doors open from 18:00 for African coffee with cardamom. The meeting will start no later than 18:45 and will take 2 hours.