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Battle of Atlantic 80 th Anniversary celebrations

Battle of Atlantic 80 th Anniversary celebrations to include
unveiling of new memorial plaque for Polish Navy and Polish
merchants who fought in the battle.

Date: 28 th of May 2023
Time: 12:45pm
Place: Liverpool, Pier Head

On 28 th of May 2023 at 12:45pm a new plaque honouring Polish Navy and Polish merchant personnel will be unveiled during the official celebrations concluding the BoA80 memorial weekend.

The new plaque will be unveiled by the Lord Mayor, Cllr, Mary Rasmussen accompanied by Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Manchester, Michał Mazurek and the director of Polish Institute of National Remembrance, Adam Siwek.

The plaque honours Polish Navy servicemen who supported allied efforts during the battle between 1939-1945. Over 4000 Polish navy personnel served during the six-years long battle and almost half a thousand lost their lives. Polish Navy was heavily involved in operation against The Bismarck and took part in D-Day. On the 28 th of May 1940 Polish boat Błyskawica, which means Lightning in Polish, was ordered to patrol on Dunkirk evacuation and to provide Anti-Aircraft cover for Allied vessels. The very next day Błyskawica, towed crippled Royal Navy destroyer HMS Greyhound from Dunkirk to Dover saving lives of 1000 British soldiers. ‘Błyskawica” also defended the Isle of Wight from the attack of Luftwaffe. Polish Navy personnel contributed to the great victory of the Battle of Atlantic. The new plaque forms a part of Liverpool Naval Memorial.

The new memorial plaque was funded by the Polish Institute of National

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