Ada Niewolanska, from University of Wroclaw, Poland

The image presents a couple of people having a walk around the Liverpool Docks.

The image presents a couple of people having a walk around the Liverpool Docks.

Hi everyone!

My name is Ada and the last 2,5 months I was living and working in Liverpool.

Before I arrived I didn’t know much about this city, if I have to be honest I thought it will be… awful… Sorry guys! I don’t think like that anymore! Definitely not! Actually you can imagine my reaction when I saw the city centre for the first time.

More I was exploring Liverpool more I was in love with this city.

I felt very welcomed and very soon I felt here like at home. I loved to spent my free time at Albert Dock it’s just such a lovely place!

People here are amazing with this whole chat chatting thing and always being very helpful, even though sometimes I couldn’t understand them at all (did I mention I love scouse?)

But Liverpool is not only about scousers, there are many communities living here from generations, working, studying and treating this city as their home. Also I had a chance to work with one of the minorities and actually with the one that I belong to. Merseyside Polonia is an organization that is trying to introduce Polish culture to everyone living in Liverpool and Merseyside. It’s all about the culture, music, art, history etc. I was very excited to join their team, but unfortunately, since I arrived during holiday period, there was no events at all planned for this period, so it was going to be quite boring and not very demanding office work…


There was a lot of things to do with the marketing and preperation for the next “event” year. We were trying to organize everything to make working at Merseyside Polonia easier for staff and volunteers. Everyone worked very hard and there was absolutely no time to be bored.

There was many new ideas from volunteers and staff.

So we all had to work even harder.

We had a lot of team meetings with volunteers which are a group of fantastic people.

 But there was also a time to laugh and have fun.

And time when we all felt that our work pays off.

But I think we all had also time when we were deadly tired.

I want to thank here everyone involved in creating Merseyside Polonia. I can’t believe how much I was able to learn from everyone especially from Asia, Pati, Gosia, Ola and Jakub. I have also to say that I’ve never seen such a strong and amazing group of volunteers, people who are trying to help with all they have and on which organization can really lean. They all made my stay in the UK really precious.

I can’t even explain how I feel having to leave them.

Working at Merseyside Polonia was a truly inspirational experience for me. I met wonderful people who are creators of the new face of Polish minority living abroad and I am very proud of having a chance to be a part of their team. They absolutely deserve for even more attention from everyone and they are a very good example for every organization related to sharing culture of different communities.

At the end I just would like to wish everyone from Merseyside Polonia GOOD LUCK! I really hope to see you all again.