Anna Araszkiewicz, from University of Poznan, Poland

The image presents Anna Araszkiewicz jumping at the Crosby beach.

The image presents Anna Araszkiewicz jumping at the Crosby beach.

It’s been a great time in Liverpool and during the internship at Merseyside Polonia I’ve learned a lot and had a chance to try things that I’ve never done before. When I started I just jumped into the preparations for All Souls’ Jazz Night event. It was magical, the concert was great and the venue served delicious hunter’s stew, it was amazing! Then, almost right after the Jazz event, we started preparing three Christmas Events: Polish-English Christmas Eve and two Christmas workshops.

This was also the first time I’ve spent Christmas abroad. Celebrating this special time with my friends Frank and Becky I have a chance to see the traditional English Christmas. I found out that Father Christmas indeed drinks milk and eats a mince pie before he leaves the presents under the Christmas tree, and the reindeers can only find the way to the house when the reindeer food is sprinkled on the pathway 🙂

After the Christmas events we started another event, the concert of Czeslaw Śpiewa Solo Act. This time I was responsible for the project and with the help of Asia, project coordinator – we nailed it! Everyone was pleased with the way we hosted the event and the concert itself. The internship at Merseyside Polonia was also a time of personal growth.  Contacting media, sending press releases, promoting events through social media, translating, attending high profile events – all that made me more confident and was truly inspirational.

What about Liverpool and Scouse accent?I must say I fell in love with the city! It’s not big, yet it’s so lively, rich in seafaring traditions and lovely people! When it comes to Scouse, well, I think I can order some chicken nuggets and a can of Coke in a local Macky without problems now 🙂

My adventure with Merseyside Polonia and Liverpool came to an end, but it definitely left great memories! If it hadn’t been for the internship, I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people and experienced such a great time! Here is a song that will always remind me of the time I spent in Liverpool: