Dagmara Kowalska, from University of Glasgow, Scotland

The image presents Dagmara Kowalska during her visit at Radio City.

The image presents Dagmara Kowalska during her visit at Radio City.

It’s been a year since I graduated and started my trainee program.

Well, it’s time then for some first thoughts…

To my surprise, I got used to this new situation fairly quickly. It was a bliss to discover that Merseyside Polonia turned out to be a perfect place for a person like me so I’m really having a good time. I’m learning quite a lot and doing everything to understand exactly what and why I’m doing, not just for the sake of it. The duties I am given help me to unravel my talents I wasn’t even aware of! The education in the public health care I have received during my studies was applicable only to the  Polish health care system. Never have I expected that the duties I will be given will be a part of my professional occupation. However, when there’s a will there’s a way, I was open to new experience and challenges. So, off to my new duties. Most of my trainee program activities concerned promoting our events or projects in social media. Fortunately, Facebook was nothing new to me so it was pure pleasure to do it. A new thing that I had to tackle was updating our website and making newsletters. With the help of volunteer Kasia, I learned it in an instant. Also, I helped with the event organization (meetings with mothers and volunteers, yoga classes). I just love meeting new people so that was a perfect experience for me. Apart from learning a thing or two about marketing, Gosia, the CEO of Merseyside Polonia, gave me assignments in other professional areas. I attended CCG trainings organized by NHS

Liverpool and some business meetings (among others with Cobalt and Croxteth Sport Centre managers). I was also appointed to represent the organization at the ‘Annual civic service’ holy mass that was attended by the Archbishop. But it’s not all, I’ve left the most interesting bit for the end.  Thanks to Gosia I could participate in BBC Merseyside and City Talk Radio radio broadcasts. It was an amazing adventure that I think I’ll never forget. To sum up, my trainee program was full of experience and positive emotions and I hope it will bring some results in the future. The work for Merseyside Polonia helped me to understand the full scope of the company’s activities and allowed me to develop professionally.



The time has come to say farewell to Liverpool and thus to Merseyside Polonia.

These are my last days here but they’re definitely not boring ; ) I helped organize the last three events and it was a pleasure. The International Women’s Day attended by many women was a complete success, just like the Easter Workshops organized in the World Museum. And at the very end, there was an evening of Polish food and films.  I recommend a trainee program in Merseyside Polonia wholeheartedly. Even though it was short, it was very intense. For me, it was a time of great personal development, I have conquered my fears  (radio broadcasts!). It was also a time when I learned something about myself and found out what really is important. I do not believe in chance. I have been applying to trainee programs in totally different places, but with no luck. Then one day I found the Merseyside Polonia announcement on the web. Now I know it was not a chance accident, it was what I really needed at that point of my life.  And by the way, I have discovered that Liverpool is a place where you can meet wonderful people 😉