DONATE – giving at its simplest

Arriving and living in a new country can sometimes be a rather overwhelming, lonely and isolating experience.

Thanks to your donation, we can provide and improve what we do so people can feel valued despite their differences and new communities have a chance to creatively engage with local residents to find their new home in Liverpool.

Each pound you donate will support our project, events, as well as help us reach more people, therefore making a big difference in people lives and Merseyside community as a whole.

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A monthly donation would help to further cause, and you can donate as little as £ 5 a month. This kind of donation is the best way to support us because it gives us the confidence to plan ahead.

If you choose our third option to donate £20 a month, please contact us via email, so that we can discuss what Merseyside Polonia can do for you! For instance, if you have a business we would love to help you promote it so please do get in touch. 

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Thank you for your support!